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This is a list of stressful events in your life which have different number values to show the pressure that it add to your life. Sit back, take a moment, and review your life over the past 1 to 2 years. Go through the following list. Click on the check box of those stressful events that you have happened or are taking place in your life.

Death of a spouse   Divorce
Change to different line of work   Death of a close friend
Marital separation (or separation from any major intimate relationship)   Jail term
Death of a close family member   Personal injury or illness
Major change in health or behavior of a family member   Being fired from work
Sexual difficulties   Retirement
Business readjustment   Pregnancy
Major change in finances   Marriage
Increase in number of arguments with spouse   Trouble with boss/superior
Mortgage or loan for major purchase (i.e. home, etc.)   Foreclosure of mortgage or loan
Trouble with in-laws   Son or daughter leaving home
Outstanding Personal Achievement   Going back to school
hange in living condition (rebuilding, remodeling)   Change in school
Change in work hours or responsibilities   Change in recreational habits
Revision/change of personal habits   Change in social activities
Change in church/spiritual activities   Change in sleeping habits
Purchase of major items (auto, computer, etc)   Change in eating habits
Vacation   Christmas
Minor violations of the law (e.g., traffic tickets, misdemeanors)