Alphabiotics is one of the best overall healing modalities I’ve experienced. After falling from my bike, I had chronic neck pain for years, with referred pain and numbness down my left arm. Chiropractic adjustments, massage, traction, nothing helped.

After the first alignment, everything in my life changed for the better. Within minutes, there was an inexplicable and profound relaxation throughout my entire body. My vision improved. There was mental clarity and memory returned to normal functioning. The pain and numbness in my right arm began to diminish. Feeling returned to my lower extremities. My pelvis dropped into position, lengthening my right leg, relieving a chronic limp. I began to sleep more normally all night long, for the first time in years.

Now, after several months of alignments, I have full range of motion in my neck and for the first time in years, am free of pain. I continue the alignments to support the ongoing healing and relaxation. Having experienced several practitioners of Alphabiotics, David Bransky’s alignments are the most direct and gentle.

I refer many of my patients and enjoy hearing of the benefits they too receive.

Thank you for a pain free life!!!

-Dr. Karl R. Wolfe (Santa Monica, CA)

Bien yo tengo una fe enorme a David, desdé mexico yo eh conocido lo q es un alfabiotico, eh tenido una lesión en mi espalda, exactamente en la espalda baja desde q estaba en secundaria. Es un dolor enorm q m da q m ah dejado sin caminar incluso x un mes entero, hace dos años, m puse a buscar un alfabiotico, x internet y tuve la enorme suert de encontrar a David, no sabiamos si iva a ser buena idea, pero mi sposo y yo nos quisimos arriesgar, cuando empece a ir, desde el primer momento sentí alivio en todo mi cuerpo, staba tan stresada, q staba descuadrada, m paraba frente al spejo y staba totalment chueca, no podia caminar, ni star sentada ni parada, incluso para dormir era un martirio.

Al star tomando los alineamientos con David, poco a poco m fui recuperando, era tanto mi stress q incluso el año pasado tuve q ir denuevo, Yo le agradezco mucho a David x haberme ayudado tanto, no sabia si sto iva a funcionar, pero sus técnica es realment buena, me siento muy bien desde q eh ido con David, no quiero exagerar pero sus manos m han salvado. Gracias David.

-Rosy Ramirez 33 years old (Los Angeles, CA)

I have a high stress lifestyle wherein sleep is a luxury and rest is elusive. Before Alphabiotics was introduced to me by the charismatic David Bransky, I frequented both gyms and high-end spas to relieve stress. Despite my best efforts, I found that both gave me momentary relief, but never a complete release.

David’s method has brought me the maximum amount of stress relief for a fraction of the cost of gym memberships and day spa excursions. With regularity, Alphabiotics helps reset the mind, body, and soul. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone seeking stress relief, a mind “reboot”, or even a boost in self-confidence! Those are just some of the results I’ve personally experienced from Alphabiotics — all of which I attempted to get at a day spa, yet could never quite achieve.

I’ll admit to being skeptical when I first began the treatment, but after having been a client of David’s for months now, I can now attest to the radical change I’ve undergone over a short amount of time. The difference is clear, even after one treatment; but the difference becomes increasingly evident if you maintain a series of treatments with regularity.

-Charity Hammond (Diamond Bar, CA)

I’ve tried everything from hypnosis, to NLP, to Reiki, to chiropractic, to EFT, and a whole slew of other healing modalities, and the Alphabiotic work that David provides not only provides something incredibly unique, it actually SUPERCHARGES anything else you may be doing in life… and that’s not even mentioning the high and zen state you feel right after David works his magic. Invest in yourself and TRY THIS NOW!

Andrew Fitzgerald (Huntington Beach, CA)

Hi David,

Just wanted to share my impression of my first alignment.

It was beyond the stratosphere-I know each person’s experience is so different.

For me, if felt like a combined bullet train and an AK47 shooting out of the base of my BRAIN (like a wild race horse crashing through the gates). I think that’s when I shouted out because of the intense noise and what seemed like fireworks, lights, fire and all.

It seemed as if I heard each vertebrae realigning-popping like separate machine gun shots-and then a huge, amazing EXPLOSION at my tailbone that diffused throughout my lower back.

In fact, I saw in my mind what seemed like a very clear, medical X-ray of my entire back, spine down to the knees-the X-ray film, I suppose.

In that same micro instant, my lower back and hips UNLOCKED, and I felt such freedom in my lower body! Now I can walk better and take bigger steps.

The alignment unlocked so much energy that I kept working back at the office until after midnight on the magazine yearend deadlines soon after our newspaper production was over. I was marveling that I got my usual great energy back! Recently, I had been feeling tired around 4pm, which is highly unusual for me. I had so much energy flowing through me that I went home and washed dishes and cleaned the floors. I kept telling myself wow, wow, wow, in absolute wonderment. I finally willed myself to sleep at 2am.

I woke up this morning with more energy! And my eyes cleared up!

Thank you so very much,

-M. Hall (Santa Monica, CA)

I found David through one of his lectures in Santa Monica.  By some weird act of fate, I had received an e-mail telling me of the event.  I attended out of total curiosity – isn’t everyone in LA stressed to the max?  After hearing about Alphabiotics I just had to try it for myself.  I have been going to David for about a month and receiving regular alignments.  It has made a subtle yet noticeable difference in my life.  I am much calmer and more easily deal with stressful situations.  A chronic pain I have experienced for over a decade is finally lessening and I no longer feel the associated pull in my hamstring when stretching.  Even my chocolate craving has lessened.  But Alphabiotics is so much more than that!  It is difficult to describe or explain.
David is a most gentle and caring practitioner.  He and his alignment space in Santa Monica have great energy.  His other clients are warm and friendly too and I enjoy going and hanging out.  I highly recommend that if this work calls to you, that you experience it for yourself.

-Mary Kay Shaefer (Mar Vista, CA)

You are talking about David Bransky and Alphabiotics. David has a very interesting personality and outlook on life. His Alphabiotic technique produced tremendous benefits for me. It reminds me of a chiropractic adjustment. However, there is only one adjustment. After the first session with David, I felt a rush of energy jet through my body as if it had been locked up for a long time. Many of the physical symptoms that I had experienced due to an accident in 2004 began to leave my body (headaches, severe muscle pain, neck pain and some immobility in my neck, shoulders, and back). I also began to dream somewhat differently. I experienced more restful sleep and felt balanced. My experiences were mostly non-physical. Well, let’s say that I noticed the mental and emotional benefits alongside the physical ones. I found that I had a shift in my perspective and that greatly impacted how I reacted in certain high-stress situations. I’m a peaceful person as it is, but I do notice when I am anxious. I found my anxiety diminished. I also found that the things I do athletically improved noticeably. Truthfully, everything was affected…even my eating habits and metabolism changed. It’s an amazing technique and I believe that the advantages are exponentially recognized. I would recommend that you schedule an appointment to see if it may be right for you.

-Eileen M. (Azusa, CA)

The best thing I can say about my Alphabiotic alignment is “Ah h h h h h!” There’s relief, joy and I’m humming again – something I haven’t done since childhood.

-Nan Sea Lee (Santa Monica, CA)

I am a 34 year old male. Alphabiotics is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Due to severe abuse to my body, I have been in severe pain in my neck and shoulders, and everywhere else, for many years. I have tried most main stream alternative treatments and received little to no relief. I came to David in a desperate state. My first session was nothing short of miraculous! My left hip opened up and I felt the breeze pass over it! It had been numb with tingling going down my leg for six months to a year. Fast forward to five months later and I am almost pain free and am able to participate in many of the activities I used to enjoy. The world needs more Alphabioticists and this process needs to be shared with countless more people. Please experience this for yourself and tell someone about it. I am for real. Please ask David to contact me if you think this is a paid advertisement.

-Brandon Bairian (Los Angeles, CA)

I was in nirvana when I left your office Monday morning, never have I felt so well and energized, as I stated when I first got off your table, I thought I had grown 1 to 2 feet and my body was totally relaxed, jelly like. After leaving your office I got the grins and giggles which lasted for 3 to 5 hours, and re-occurring later that early evening. When I had first arrived at your office I had an aching sharp pain in my lower back and over the right hip, after your alignment it was completely gone. This alignment was very pleasant and enlightening. I want to thank you for the session, and I am so thankful to Sheryn for sharing you with me. The alignment lasted way into the evening, however on Tuesday morning I found myself trying to figure a way I could get to your office for another alignment, of course it was futile, had to catch my plane back to Wisconsin. If you have any luck in finding an Alphabioticist in Wisconsin please forward that information on to me. Again thank you.

-Patrick Casey (Appleton, WI)

I started seeing David for Alphabiotics originally because I had migraines. I was amazed at how when after having children, my lower back would hurt when laying down on my stomach, one night after having treatment I was laying on my stomach and noticed that my lower back was not hurting anymore; I was amazed. I also notice that within minutes after working all day, my whole body would relax In my shoulders. I highly recommend the Alphabiotic treatment as it has made a huge difference in my life.

-Sally Baher (Thousand Oaks, CA)

David is very trustworthy, honest, caring and his alignment is safe and always effective. For me, the results are more physical. I have a pinched nerve which causes pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. The alignment releases all the pressure in those areas. It allows more rotation in my neck and seems to decrease the “clicking” noise I have when I turn my head.

-Wendy Blum (Los Angeles, CA)

My first alignment was to say the least, eye opening, perhaps earthshaking. I’ve always felt great tension in my neck and upper shoulder areas. After the alignment, both those areas felt so relaxed and free, no more tightness. There was also this wonderful feeling of calm, relaxation, and a mellow feeling over my whole. I like what I felt. I was surprised that this calm feeling continued almost a week, but I noticed by the 5th day it was starting to disappear.

Since then with repeated alignments, I feel I’m able to retain my balanced feeling from alignment to alignment.

The important thing is how the Alphabiotic alignments have affected my day-to-day life. Stress hits us on a daily basis from expected and unexpected placed. We can try to avoid the expected stress producers, but the unexpected, we have no control over. When I encounter the unexpected, I feel that it affects me less, and I quickly move on and do not take that stress with me. I feel like I wear a Teflon suit and the stress bounces off of me. I can come home from a day at work that was not a good day, and yet feel quite mellow. With my spine in better balance, I have had less problems with the nerve pain in my right foot.

I find that I have much better direction in my daily life. I’m able to attack those problems that I once put to one side or avoided. My sleep has improved dramatically, and I no longer wake up feeling like a zombie. My energy level has increased. Sometimes I feel like I’m a bit too hyper, but better that than a zombie. After 6 alignments in the past month, I must say I am enjoying life and the changes I have made in my life. I don’t want to feel the way I used to.

Thank you for all you have done. It’s more than the alignment, it’s also the encouragement that you give me. I think of you as my Life Coach. I look forward to where my continued alignments take me in the future.

-Thomas McClung (Diamond Bar, CA)

Dear David,

Thank you for being a divine instrument. It feels so good to be clear!

-Sheryn Madrano (Los Angeles, CA)

I started Alphabiotics with David in October 2011. The alignments give me a sense of mental and physical balance and clarity. Muscle testing will reveal your right or left side imbalance. Alphabiotics is a process that can best be experienced. I recommend David for his caring, personal style. If you are curious and interested, contact him for a consultation.

-Warren Mullisen (Culver City, CA)

I really like getting alignments from David. They help with my posture, my sleep, and my everyday physical activities, also as with playing soccer. I’ve been to chiros and have to say that with all that I can that I can only recommend getting alphabiotic alignments!

-Martin G. (Huntington Beach, CA)

Prior to the alignment, I had a really bad headache because I did not sleep well the night before, not to mention I had really bad nightmares. It was all because my brother and I got into a fight where he cut me pretty bad with his words. Well, after the quick session I felt like how I felt when I went skydiving, calm and peaceful. I feel especially good this morning when I woke up, it feels really good like there is nothing wrong with the world.

-Tai Ngo (Inland Empire, CA)

I’m a 34 year old male. Good shape. Into alternative health big time. Well, I got an Alphabiotic alignment from David for the first time about 6 months ago. A week or so after the alignment, I felt unbelievable. I haven’t felt that good since I was 20 years old. Awesome feeling. Anyway, the only way I know how it works is the way the Alphabioticist, David Bransky, explained it to me. He says it is the aligning of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Because during our daily lives, sometimes we encounter stress and sometimes one hemisphere can be dominate over another, which is not ideal. So the alignment balances the 2 hemispheres. David can explain it a lot better than I ever could. The Alphabioticist is also really cool to talk to. I first went to him because of 2 huge recommendations. I know these 2 ladies that said his work helped them change their lives around. Both mentally and physically. One was recovering from a car accident. And she says after the alignment, her motor skills suddenly became better. Another said was going through a really tough time in her life and after having the alignment, she because a lot more focused and clear. I know. I actually spoke to her before and after. She was a wreck before and really clear after. That’s when I had to ask her what happened. What made her suddenly clear? That is when I first found out about this stuff. Anyway, the office I went to is in Santa Monica, CA. One more thing, the alignment that David gives will also align the entire spine. Similar to chiropractic. That is what it did for me too. It straightened out my hips and my neck. I actually drive 45 minutes to come and see this guy. He is worth it.

-Sammy Pepic (Huntington Beach, CA)

Alphabiotics is an amazing process that anyone can just experience. I’ve felt a sense of peace and balance immediately after my first alignment, an experience that I haven’t felt for a long time. It has giving me the feeling of wholeness and acceptance of the world. It’s a phenomenal experience that words cannot describe. It’s the feeling that you would experience if you were to meditate for years, but with Alphabiotics, I feel like I have been meditating for years in 1 minute!! I have never reached that ultimate state of meditation before, but I have definitely experienced it after the alignment. It was crazily, excitingly calming. Yes, it is. David does an amazing job explaining the concept and has helped me making the changes in my life. He speaks the truth with clarity and purpose, and I am so grateful! It’s so inspiring to know someone who can speak such truth and clarity. The whole process has helped me uncover and release hidden emotions and patterns that I have been running for years. He has provided me so many deep insights about myself. Thank you David.

-Phuong Nguyen (Huntington Beach, CA)

“Given rave reviews by two colleagues within days, I knew I had to meet David and explore Alphabiotics for myself. With others reporting improved overall state of being, tempered reactions to daily stress, improved respiration and physical wellness, my curiosity peaked. Vocal chords partially removed after strangulation a few years back, my voice left raspy and respiration limited, I recognized my circumstances posed a true test to the effectiveness of Alphabiotics. David’s skillful treatment was quick, painless, and provided immediate improvement. My voice grew stronger, my stress reactions more appropriate. Although practitioner-dependent, I’m confident each client will discover delightful and unique benefits, without any action on their part! Thank you, David, for the awareness and service YOU provide.”

-Pamela Michell (Torrance, CA)

I am so happy I found out about Alphabiotics. I recently had a deep stroke. Rehabilitation had plateau and had very little slow improvement in recovery. It was recommended from a friend that I get an alignment. After the first session, I felt more relaxed and more energetic. After the third alignment, the movement in my hand, foot and leg improved dramatically. My progress in my hand, foot, and leg is moving right along. I strongly recommend Alphabiotics to anyone who wants to feel better.

-Mike Porter (Diamond Bar, CA)

On my last deployment to Iraq my lower back was injured. For two years now, the pain has really taken control of my life. I had tried everything from physical therapy to pain medications. Nothing seemed to work. The I tried Alphabiotics, although skeptical at first, I laid on the table and as soon as Mr. Bransky performed the alignment, I felt completely relaxed and my body felt balanced. My pain subsided and I completely felt an overall sense of well-being. I highly recommend Alphabiotics to anyone seeking an alternative to surgery. I have and it has completely changed my life.

-Matthew Gonzalez,USMC (San Diego, CA)

Immediately after receiving David’s Alphabiotic alignment I was almost ecstatic. I began laughing uncontrollably and continued laughing for quite a while. It was as if all of the joy inside of me bubbled up from under the stress I had been holding on to, and as that stress was released in the alignment, my true happiness was what was left behind. I highly recommend David Bransky as a caring, patient and professional practitioner, and I strongly support Alphabiotics alignments as a method for regular emotional and physical health maintenance.

-Lori Spagna (West Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you for the experience to feeling lighter and more in-tune from the alignment. The concept is quite interesting. The most important benefit is that it works.

-A. Mozelle (Los Angeles, CA)

Anyone who knows me, (including mere strangers who observe my way of being) can tell you I am high energy!! Not hyper but the kind of person who has a hard time stopping, usually because I have somewhere else to be for my many back to back meetings, and I tackle various projects all at once. A self proclaimed “adrenaline junkie”, I have to say Alphabiotics, and more importantly David, have gotten me to destress, loosen up the tension in my muscles, in my mind and I’ve unlocked emotional blocks that we all suffer from do to our to do lists. Anyone who can get me to sit still and relax deserves accolades. David is a true professional with a laid back approach. Your in good hands, no pun intended.

-Jaclyn Mullen (Santa Monica, CA)

I was introduced to Alphabiotics by my mother, who was receiving Alphabiotic Alignments from David Bransky. She went on and on about how good she felt after an alignment, and was adamant that I should start getting alignments as well. I was skeptical to say the least. I was thinking how can this simple move that only takes a few seconds to perform be so highly beneficial. I agreed to go to an appointment with her last summer, and after seeing how the alignment is done, I was not only skeptical but also fairly sure that I wasn’t going to be getting aligned anytime soon. The process looks jarring and was shocking to see, but my mom never had any ill effects from the alignments, so I stuck around and let David eventually convince me to get aligned as well. I was nervous when I got on the table, and looking back I’m not really sure why. I guess I thought it was going to hurt. The alignment was over in a hurry, and didn’t hurt at all. I actually got a case of the giggles, as I have done after every alignment I have received since then.

It is hard to describe the immediate effects. I felt kind of like a warm, fuzzy vibration that I could feel from head to toe. It was also a release of all the tension from my body and felt completely relaxed. In the week that followed, I was surprised by the more lasting effects. I noticed that all the little things that would make me upset didn’t bother me as much. I made fewer negative comments. My outlook on life became more positive overall. I continue to get alignments mainly for stress relief, and it really has worked wonders in my life.

-Holiday St. Andre (Mesa, AZ)

I have known and worked with David for a number of years professionally. Throughout the years, I find working with David to be easy going – yet professional. David has always been attentive and a very good listener – which is a great trait in any field. I have also felt his high enthusiasm in his practice, and his constant attention to details of his clients’ health. Which again, is a great trait. In short, David is a man who simply cares about people and their health.

-Gerald Fontejon (Culver City, CA)

After having my first Alphabiotic session, it took a minute to settle in. But once it did, I felt like my head had been emptied of all thought. My body felt lighter than ever and more receptive to everything around me. My thoughts, speech and actions came from a collected, calm space, rather than a busy, nervous, or pushy one. It was like I was responding to life, rather than forcing it. I slept deeper than I ever could remember sleeping before, and literally woke up feeling like I had a new body and was a new person. Now, after having done Alphabiotics for over a year and a half, I can feel when my body is out of alignment much more acutely than before, and I can feel the energy in my body turn right back on all the way through my toes.

-Ashley Beasley (Los Angeles, CA)

When I first started my Alphabiotics sessions, I had never heard of Alphabiotics before. It sounded like some new aged treatments that someone made up to make money. After a lot of skepticism and doubt, I was finally convinced to try it out. To my complete surprise, the treatments changed my life. I admit my body reacts very sensitively to different types of treatments, and it may not work for everyone, but what I can tell you is what the treatments did for me. Within days my stress level decreased tremendously. Formerly, it had been a 9 ½ out of 10, being as I own a restaurant and teach undisciplined children for a living. After only one treatment my stress meter was at about 7 ½. After a month it dropped below 5. In addition, several things that used to be pleasant in my life that had disappeared began reappearing. David‘s technique is smooth and he explains what he is doing as he works. I recommend Alphabiotics for anyone who would like new positive outlook on life.

-Suzanne (Sheina) Gilbert (Beverly Hills, CA)

David & the alignment he gave me is truly a God-Send! I was in my 40th week of a complicated pregnancy that required total bed rest (Dr. ordered) for the last 6 months. My back was in excruciating pain to the point that sitting, standing or lying down left me in tears. I was completely miserable. My belly was so big that when we measured it, I discovered that I was as big around as I was tall (or short as the case may be). I’m only 4’11”. Yes, I looked like a giant beach ball!! So when David showed up at our house with his alignment table & asked if he could give me an alignment, I didn’t hesitate for a second.The date was August 1, 2007 (the day before I gave birth to my son, Anson). I knew that David had been working towards getting his Alphabiotic Certification, but didn’t really know how the alignment worked. After David told me what he was going to do, I laid down on his alignment table & let him work is magic! David is so gentle & loving that I had complete faith & trust in him & his abilities. After David aligned my right side, I started laughing uncontrollably (something I hadn’t done in a long time). Then he alignment my left side. I said, “OH MY GOD, WHY DIDN’T I GET THIS DONE SOONER!” I couldn’t believe that my back pain was totally gone. I also felt very light, almost like I was floating. I felt taller too! My mind was much clearer, like a fog had been lifted. I couldn’t stop smiling & giggling. I felt like I could conquer anything! All my fears about giving birth were gone. That night, I slept like a rock!I strongly feel that EVERYONE (especially pregnant women) should get Alphabiotic alignments from David on a regular basis. The alignment literally “reboots” your whole body, mind & spirit! David still aligns me to this day & has been giving my son, Anson alignments since he was about 5 months old.

-Geri Maloy (San Pedro, CA)

I have been working with David for about one year, and my health has improved greatly. Also, I have been working out with him and his 11 minute strength program and although I am still a work in progress, my body has definitely become stronger and more defined. I look forward to continuing my workout sessions with David and seeing the wonderful transformation that has already started to unfold.

-Emmanuel D. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

David is very professional and good at what he does. He can analyze you’re vibrational field and help you calm down and relax yourself. His treatment is very special and everyone should experience it. I will definitely want go back there for another adjustment.

-Nicole Z. (Los Angeles, CA)

I just learned about alphabiotics in March of 2011 and David is great! What a way to deal with stress and get back in your head. No pain but ton’s to gain!

-Sheila Chase (Moorpark, CA)

After the first session or two, I felt so much more relaxed. After a couple of weeks, my chronic pain was alleviated. I am less reactive,much more centered. Pretty amazing stuff!

-Margie Allman (Los Angeles, CA)

I love Alphabiotics! I am the biggest skeptic and after just one session I felt a difference. I have been going once a week for about 6 months now and even my two children visit David for sessions. I come out of the sessions ready to tackle the world with clarity and enthusiasm. Everyone should treat themselves to Alphabiotic treatments to lift that “fog” that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis.

-Brendon Carrol (West Hollywood, CA)

Amazing. I see David and he just knows how to center me back into place. Sometimes I wish I could zap him over for a quick alignment. David alignment gives me a head start to productivity, better than any drug. I am so much more calm and focused. An alignment helps me to breath so much deeper and also alleviates neck and back tension, I just came back from a massage. If I had an alignment before Yoga I would get so much more out of it because I would be more focused on my breath and movement. The next day I am so much more focused. I am hooked.

-Jennifer Schneiderman (Beverly Hills, CA)

Absolutely balancing! In a matter of seconds you feel, think, sense total wellness! As a massage therapist who exprienced almost everything [including u.f.o hilling]. I found Mr. Bransky’s treatment to be the fastest and most effective out of all.

-Avishai Maymon (Los Angeles, CA)

The best treatment for treating stress. Nothing else comes close. David hands on techniques immediately bring your relief. After my first alignment I had, the knots in my neck were completely gone. Highly recommended.

-Pejman Noori (Westchester, CA)

It’s Fun !!!

-Juliette Bairian (Age 9) (Los Angeles, CA)

David’s hands are good and his demeanor is wonderfully calm and competent. I would recommend David.

-Bruce Dickson (Los Angeles, CA)

David has incredible cohesion and strength in his alignments. If you have never heard of, or tried an alphabiotic alignment; it is a phenomenal service that you must try.

-Lydia Hiatt (Venice, CA)

I had been seeing chiropractors regularly for decades to help with neck and hip pain.  Since I’ve been getting Alphabiotic sessions with David, I feel so much better and am more pain-free than I was with regularly chiropractic.

If you’re really ready to start feeling better, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually (as the alignments create a more balanced state), I highly recommend David’s work!  He also brings a lot of compassion and kindness to his healing work, making it a pleasure to see him.

-Iris Tunick (Santa Monica, CA)

I’ve been playing rugby for about 11 years now and if you know anything about rugby you’ll know that its a brutal contact sport. I’ve had neck pains and along with the aching of the back and I thought ill always have them as long as I continued to play.

I’ve been going to David for about 3 months now and he truly works wonders. He does this lifting of the head which triggers the body to become into a healing state both physically and mentally. His energy is so inviting and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start on the road to recovery.

-R.J. S. (San Pedro, CA)

Dave did a fantastic job! He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things very clearly. He takes his work very seriously and seems to also enjoy what he does. After three sessions, I felt a remarkable improvement — I slept better, felt more relaxed, and experienced more energy in my daily activities. I have recommended him to several of my friends and thus far, they have shared with me similar positive experiences!

-Byron Z. (Northampton, MA)

My friend told me about David at the Alphabiotic Studio. I had some stiffness/soreness in my back and after a visting the Alphabiotic Studio, I felt a whole lot better. Pain was virtually gone after 30 minutes.

-R. Delgado (Hawaiian Gardens, CA)

Alphabiotics  has helped me in every aspect of my life. It has brought a profound sense of clarity and peace that I’ve never experienced before. Enlightenment just became a whole lot easier to achieve– it’s amazing! I feel stronger, happier, and healthier and I truly love being alive now.

-Kerry Swenson (Los Angeles, CA)

I first was introduced to Alphabiotics at the Long Beach Health Expo where I entered a drawing to win a free alignment and I won! I went in with my girlfriend and he even offered to align her too!  David went over the process of the alignment and how when your out of alignment one side of the brain is usually more dominant than the other and thus there is an imbalance in the body.  The procedure is quick and relatively pain free and left me feeling much better along my spine.  Going to the chiropractor takes a bit longer to get me in alignment and it doesn’t even touch on the fact that the brain hemispheres are out of balance and the energy is not flowing freely.  I am often out of alignment very soon after going to the chiropractor as well.  After my visit with David,  I am sleeping better and have more energy.  I am waiting to see how it will help my yoga practice.  I would recommend this quick and simple process to anyone as I am pleased with the immediate results and will be watching what unfolds as time progresses.

-Derrick K. (Los Angeles, CA)

I’ve been getting Alphabiotic alignments for many years now (in México and in Southern California); I was so happy to find David! he’s a little bit out of my way, but its worth the trip!  I work and deal with high levels of stress everyday; and receiving an Alignment from David is the best thing to deal with that and other physical/mental pains of everyday life. I highly encourage everybody close to me, to go visit David’s studio.

-Gabrielle Suarez (Hollywood, CA)

I recently moved to Santa Monica and have been looking for someone that I can trust when it comes to aligning my spine. I was referred to David Bransky through a friend, and was so pleased to find that he really knows his work. I have worked in the healing arts for over 17yrs and finding someone that is both knowledgeable as well as intuitive and accommodating to each individual person, rather than just going through their regular routine, can be a challenge. David is very attentive to noticing what is going on for each individual on his table. His location in Santa Monica is easy and convenient to find. I highly recommend David and The Alphabiotic Studio.

-Christina B. (Santa Monica, CA)

The very first time that I had an alignment with David, I felt like I had entered a new world! It was THAT good! The new world I entered was light, safe, secure, loving, peaceful, hard to describe…

-Kundan C. (Tustin, CA)

David is so calm, and so sweet and helpful. He has the great ability to align you and make you feel more grounded and relaxed. I really recommend anybody getting an alignment from David. He’s the best.

-Esther G. (Winnetka, CA)

First the location was in a very hip area of Santa Monica near the beach. His office has a very relaxing and comfortable feel to it. When there, I can see that his many clients all appreciate his work. He is very knowledgeable about stress and the way it affects the brain and body.
My experience with the alignment was transformational. Almost instantly my tight and tense side of my body relaxed and my weak side strengthened, my hips were level and my legs were even. Pain and stress was gone. I would recommend Alphabiotics to anyone. Go see David.

-Chris Lake (Costa Mesa, CA)

Alphabiotics helped me to keep my head squarely on my shoulders during some high tension study sessions through school. I just wish there was an Alphabiotics center close to me.

-J. Giannettino (Rochester, NY)